Winter Whites

Rules are made to be broken, which is why I love the fashion trend of winter whites.

winter white fashion

Below are white/cream rooms inspired by “winter whites”.

The trick to designing a monochromatic room is to layer different forms and textures to make it interesting.

White interior design

The polished stone floors and the high gloss ceiling of this living room bounce light around the space which keeps it bright and airy feeling.

The result is an effortlessly chic space, but these rooms are not for the faint of heart … or for the dark haired pet owner.

White Living Room

The texture the white flowering branches above the fireplace really enhances the vignette.

monochromatic hallway

A white border lends repetition to the cream hallway and the pop of color can change at anytime.

Darryl Carter’s furniture line focuses on unique forms rather than color for visual interest.

modern, white entry

Thomas Pheasant is the master of monochromatic, traditional architecture.

While whites at home can feel sparse, using a warmer white creates a softer palette.

creamy white bedroom

This bedroom is a wonderful combination of textures and shades of white.

I love the subtle pattern and texture of the carpet.

modern, chromatic white composition

Yay or nay for you with white on white?

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I love all white rooms but find many of them cold. They need lots of texture and pillows/throws for warmth. Perhaps, some organic elements thrown in the mix.
I’m gradually changing out my guest room to all whites and creams. I sometimes bring something in that just doesn’t sit right. Some whites are too stark. I’ll get there though. One room at a time.
It’s the sign of a good designer with a keen eye when they produce a monochromatic room that is livable. Thank you for sharing this lovely home.

I love all white rooms especially Swedish ones. I am having my floors in my home refinished in white stain this week. Very excited to see the results.

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