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 I recently heard Matthew Quinn speak at the Mint Museum in Charlotte. He gave a few ideas on how to update a kitchen.

He suggested adding tile to the entire wall behind the range, not just a defined area.

Matthew Quinn Kitchen 1

Matthew Quinn Kitchen 2

He often integrates small appliances (toasters, blenders) underneath cabinetry so that they remain hidden.


Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 12.46.45 PM

He recommends the cabinetry sitting on the countertop and staying away from an “upper cabinet” look.


Matthew Quinn Kitchen 3

Integrated appliances, clean line cabinetry and corner sinks are upcoming in kitchen design.

Matthew Quinn Kitchen 4

Matthew Quinn Kitchen 5

He came up with the idea of the adding in a corner sink on an island.

I love the idea of being able to approach the sink from two sides or standing at the sink with someone else.


During the Q&A I asked him what he saw in the future for kitchen trends and he replied that kitchens would become more like rooms.

There will be a higher level of technology and integration between function and aesthetics.

MQ_cover R7.indd

I’ll certainly continue to post as kitchens continue to evolve.

Find more ideas and beautiful photographs in his book, Quintessential Kitchens.

Photo Credits: Matthew Quinn

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Love the blue tile up the wall behind the stove. Wonderful ideas for beauty and utility!

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