Why I Love Displaying Leaning Art


What is a home without art? Every space should feature at least one eye-catching drawing, painting, or photograph. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: There’s absolutely nothing wrong with displaying leaning artwork atop a table or on a shelf. While you’ll of course want to have some artwork that hangs on the walls, you don’t need to go this route with every piece.


I find that leaning art adds visual interest to a space while also making a space feel lived in and laid back. And there are many ways to go about leaning pieces. If you’d like, you can layer leaning art and hanging art within the same vignette, as seen above, or incorporate two leaning works.


Leaning art can also look ultra charming on a nightstand. Plus, it makes it super easy to switch out frames and prints as you wish, no extra nail holes necessary. Artwork can also be a way to distinguish “his” nightstand from “hers” and reflect individual interests and favorite color palettes.


I also really like the look of  displaying leaning artwork in front of a mirror. That way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: a functional mirror and beautiful art.

Other places to lean artwork include them mantel, atop a short hutch, and on open shelves in the kitchen. Adding art to these spaces will give your home more personality and warmth. Whether you purchase works on your travels or while visiting local shops or galleries is up to you. However, I advise that you only bring art into your home that has meaning and significance to you and your family, anything that is mass produced likely does not. That said, art doesn’t need to cost a fortune to look lovely in a home. Consider supporting emerging artists in your community or via Etsy. Small business owners will be forever grateful for your support and produce pieces for every style and budget.

When selecting artwork to lean, don’t worry too much about size. Larger and smaller pieces alike will look wonderful. Just keep pieces to scale with the furniture item on which they’re sitting. Longer dressers and floating shelves may be able to accommodate more substantial works, while smaller ones will shine on the nightstand or bar cart.

If you haven’t already been displaying leaning artwork in your home, my hope is that now you will be influenced to do so. The end result couldn’t be better.

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