Steel Frame Windows

Mastered by architectural icons Frank Lloyd Wright and Le Corbusier, steel frame windows were a significant design element in the modern era.

Steel Frame Windows

Steel Frame Windows Mies Van der Rohe

 Steel frame windows have also taken a cue from 19th century warehouses and certainly have made their mark on newly built and recently renovated homes.

They are a subtle detail that adds linear depth to the room while blurring the line between the exterior and interior.

Steel Frame Windows Living Room

Steel Frame Windows Laura Casey Interiors

Steel framed doors make for interesting entrances and seamless integration with windows.

The modern thin lines give definition to a space and sometimes looks better without drapery panels.


They have been used as shower doors as well.

When necessary, sheers are a pretty way to have privacy but still let natural light shine through.

While the traditional side of me loves a classic six over six window,

these windows certainly add to a streamlined look that I appreciate.

Let me know if you think these windows are timeless and if you like them or not.


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John Campbell

Interesting–after I looked at five pictures, the steel windows really begin to grow on you.. Quite appealing.

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