Look Up! Unexpected Ceiling Designs

When designing a space, the ceiling should not be forgotten. It is another plane that you can use to infuse color and texture into a room. Below are a few of my favorite unexpected ceiling designs. Some are a little extravagant (like Michael S. Smith’s silver leaf kitchen ceiling), but for a client who is looking for a less expensive way to spice up their ceiling… just use paint!

Love the smaller scale beams in repetition. 

The added paint is very gestural and artistic, by interior designer Michelle Nussbaumer. 

Gorgeous antique ceiling tile. 

Another ceiling by Nussbaumer, interestingly she has a background in set design. 

The relief follows the arch of the ceiling.

Wallpapering a coffered ceiling… what a fun way to layer pattern!

Suzanne Kasler introduces a blue lacquer on the ceiling, mirroring the dusty blue of the chairs.

 Tented ceilings are quite pretty, wouldn’t you just love for this to be your closet?

An instant classic by Jean-Louis Deniot. 

Let me know which is your favorite!


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I read on another blog earlier that she rarely suggest yellow for a room, but will do a yellow ceiling. I think that’s a brilliant idea! It would be like a ray of sunshine!
I love the blue lacquer ceiling!

Jean Walker

Hard to say which I like best. I love them all. I really like the originality in Nussbaumer’s ceilings. I would like to paint a ceiling myself with birds in flight!

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