my entry: before and mid-way

by Laura Casey Interiors on February 11, 2014

The next few weeks and months I am going to try to share some of the work I’ve done with our new house. The below picture is our entry hall BEFORE we moved in. I can’t say I was a fan of the brown upholstered walls or drapes. In some applications I like a two- toned floor stain but decided to have this one lifted. I wish I had a before picture of the opposite wall but it was very heavy looking.

Screen Shot 2014 02 05 at 9.24.41 AM 1024x645 my entry: before and mid way

This was the fabric on the walls. I wish I had taken a picture of the surprise wallpaper that was underneath…

IMG 3730 768x1024 my entry: before and mid way

We raised up the door casings in much of the downstairs and took out the doors and heavy molding leading into the dining room and living room. This work was done back in November, somehow we made it into the house for Christmas!

IMG 3748 768x1024 my entry: before and mid way

IMG 3759 768x1024 my entry: before and mid way

All of the rooms feel much more open with the higher casings. Blue is my favorite color so I decided to put it in the entry and I love it.The wall color is Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue HC-155. If you look past the hallway in a few of the pictures you can see the living room and dining room had orange and gold colored walls. I’ve lightened them up which is a nice balance to the color in the entry.

IMG 3880 768x1024 my entry: before and mid way

So here’s where I am now….I need to look for a rug and a few other pieces.

I’m lucky to have some of the beautiful artwork my mother painted hanging in my house.

photo 11 e1392142973965 768x1024 my entry: before and mid way

photo 21 e1392143039400 768x1024 my entry: before and mid way

Here is the pretty view out my front windows right now.

photo 3 e1392141563268 768x1024 my entry: before and mid way

photo 768x1024 my entry: before and mid way

It’s an early dismissal day here….I’m off to get the boys.


by Laura Casey Interiors on February 5, 2014

I’ve been neglecting working on the blog during the evenings in favor of reading lately…I’ve just finished The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt which was very good. I am now reading The Constant Princess by Phillipa Gregory about the life of Catherine of Aragon. Today it’s raining and I’m at my desk working. Even though we got out of town to get a little sunshine this past weekend, I am needing a mid-week boost.

Sigourney wallpaper Amanda Nisbet

I can’t help but be brightened up by this cheery yellow paper designed by Amanda Nisbet for Quadrille.

I hope spring is right around the corner, though my boys would love another snow day…



The SoGood

by Laura Casey Interiors on January 15, 2014

The SoGood is a new iPhone app that was created by two friends who wanted a place “to discover the best local providers based on trusted recommendations from friends”. It features local businesses in many different categories who have been positively reviewed by people in your area. Currently the SoGood is featuring businesses in Charlotte and Charleston.

TheSoGood Image The SoGood

Launched in November,  The SoGood features florists, artists, caterers, and interior designers among many other vendors.

Instagram Pic TheSoGood The SoGood

I am proud to be profiled as one of the designers on this great app!

photo 1 576x1024 The SoGood

You can recommend and leave comments for your favorite vendors and read tips from previous clients.

Instagram Screens TheSoGood The SoGood

Here are the types of businesses that are provided.

 photo 2 The SoGood

Nashville and New Orleans are next on the list of cities added to the app.

Screen Shot 2014 01 14 at 7.39.19 PM The SoGood

Check out The SoGood on their website or download the app here.

Photo Credits: Olivia Rae James for The SoGood


HB Kitchen of the month

by Laura Casey Interiors on January 9, 2014

I caught up on some magazine reading over the holidays. I loved seeing this kitchen in House Beautiful (designed by Caitlin Wilson). What a pretty combination of stone, calcutta gold subway tile, colors, fabrics and brass hardware.

6563c7ce1ea1f526e8e4eb8471c31f1a HB Kitchen of the month

I’m such a fan of the herringbone floors and pretty fabric from Osborne & Little.

There’s a little skylight over the sink as well to add in extra daylight.

80df0556f85524e49bf004f6aead4c6c1 HB Kitchen of the month

The kitchen cabinetry is white and dark grey, and the two colors help to break it up.

0781a4ab61c81c850ec9d6f9687030fb HB Kitchen of the month

0f59f4d2d8f9a75e30b480a4dc70c37a HB Kitchen of the month

I’d be happy to cook in here!

Images from House Beautiful December 2o13


Here’s to a new year….

by Laura Casey Interiors on January 2, 2014

Hello to the New Year! I am happy 2014 is here. Lots of great things happened for me, my family and my business this past year, but I am also excited a new year has begun.

ef707021510966629c883de78cdff843 Heres to a new year....

Some words I always try to live by and will continue to in 2014.

1eb2557a199da50f3125c8fcb3aa34d5 312x1024 Heres to a new year....I love my work and am excited about our projects and getting to work on my own house.

We are out of boxes and feeling happy in our new home!

913537b90f0ad27bc6e4134b1ee62256 Heres to a new year....

There’s a big road ahead for me this year with new projects and ideas I have.

I am ready to get started!

662d635520edbb0fc9990287f7ac26b9 Heres to a new year....

One goal for me this year is to learn how to speak Spanish. What’s on your goal list this year?

1b2d2c9363253d697f655dd96b66401a Heres to a new year....

Wishing you all the best in 2014.


Happy Holidays

by Laura Casey Interiors on December 23, 2013

I’ve been surrounded by moving boxes the past few weeks. I am excited to share some photos of my new house and our new office with you all in the next few months.

1ce1f18db62c9636904bfe42c18d034c Happy Holidays

Our office will be closed from Monday, December 23rd until Thursday, January 2nd in observance of the holidays. I plan to take a break from the i-stuff, relax and spend some quality time with my family. I hope you all get to do the same.

a4fae0d524c07834d6b5c29e933e22f4 Happy Holidays

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

b14fa11d6700bff4de57ccc5869c9713 Happy Holidays

See you in 2014!

Photo Credits: Pinterest (1-3)