LCI residential project

by Laura Casey Interiors on February 10, 2015









 I hope you have enjoyed seeing our recent project.

Photography by Chris Edwards


My Favorite Things: Marie Daage

by Laura Casey Interiors on February 3, 2015

I first saw Marie Daage’s exquisite hand painted limoges porcelain a few years ago. Last month while in Hong Kong it caught my eye, and I was immediately drawn to it again.


The colors are striking and the pieces are nicely proportioned. Here are a few of her collections.

She has a variety of pieces and very nice gift boxes as well.

You can find more of her pretty pieces and where to buy it on her website. 


Fretwork: Shanghai Original

by Laura Casey Interiors on January 18, 2015

On our recent trip to China, one of my favorite places to visit was the Yu Yuan Gardens in Shanghai. They were completed in 1577 and are really amazing to see. The original architecture has been restored, and it is very well maintained.

The handmade fretwork is incredible. There are many different patterns, each one unique and interesting.

The combination of the Chinese roofs, red fretwork and white painted exteriors are extraordinary.

I think the Chinese roofs are great looking too. The slopes in the center were originally designed to collect rainwater, however the sweeping parts that extend at the ends were used only for temples or palaces.

I love to travel and experience different aspects of life.

I hope you have enjoyed a little peek into a wonderful place in Shanghai.

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Inspired: old school style

by Laura Casey Interiors on January 1, 2015

During my teens, twenties and much of my thirties I cut out all of my favorite pictures from shelter and fashion magazines. I stuck them on poster boards, created collages and organized binders based on colors, ideas, and rooms. Starting a few years ago the internet became saturated with pictures, slowly images moved from paper in my hands to the screen. Yesterday afternoon I was reading the current issue of Veranda, and I saw this image from Suzanne Kasler’s featured project. I love the black baseboard with the pink fabric on the chair so I grabbed my scissors and cut it out, which snowballed into me cutting out much of the magazine. Sounds a bit juvenile right? It’s actually exactly what I needed to do.

Soon enough there were tons of pictures all over my kitchen island, and I was completely delighted.  

I grouped them into a few collages…they way I used to. 

 I really feel best when I create and think with my hands rather than a computer.

I ended out with this mix…

This year I’m going to continue to cut out magazines, old school style. I may resurge my picture binders and paper files as well.

On another note, I hope your holidays were wonderful. For ten days before Christmas I was in Shanghai and Hong Kong, which are both amazing cities. This picture is from the city looking to the sea in Hong Kong at Sunset. 

I’ll post more pictures from my trip soon.

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2015. 


my favorite things: covered bridges

by Laura Casey Interiors on November 7, 2014

Covered bridges were designed out of function, but I think they are so good looking. Whenever I visit upstate New York or New England I love to see them. These are especially pretty with the fall leaves and their unique structure.

While writing this post I remembered that a few years ago I wrote a post on round barns

hmmm, seeing some consistency in myself…

I hope it’s a great fall weekend ahead!

photos from Architectural Digest


Orange & Black

by Laura Casey Interiors on October 31, 2014

Orange & Black is getting a lot of good press these days…

 It’s not my go to color combination but these work.

Happy Halloween.



LC: The SoGood Profile

by Laura Casey Interiors on October 25, 2014

This past week the talented and creative women behind the app The SoGood interviewed  and featured me on their blog. I’m not always easy to get personal information from so if you would like to read it and see some photos of my house click here. A big HUGE thanks to the team at The SoGood for the feature.

Photography by the talented Richard Isreal

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Around Here

by Laura Casey Interiors on October 11, 2014

I’m here, I’m working hard these days. The past few months I’ve been too busy to blog but I miss writing and sourcing the photos. My business is growing and I’m immensely thankful for the opportunities.

 I’ve got a great team in my office and I’m grateful for them as well.

This weekend I’m taking a little time to get organized and determine my path ahead.

I’m glad my favorite season is here. Happy Fall.

Whatever your weekend holds, I hope it’s a good one.

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